Since the young age of 5 years old, Chico Suave would not be content unless he could make at least one person smile a day. This remains true as he continues to share his compassion and determination every day with listeners, interacting with them on a personal level which gives them the feeling that they are right there in the studio with him. Starting as a promotions assistant he then moved up to being on air while co-hosting and filling in for afternoons, doing a live weekend shift, and voicetracking overnights. His daily goal consist of two hours preparing show content to keep the listeners up to date on pop culture events and the latest trending topics. Working at KOB Fm for over 7 years has taught him the importance of the community and he hopes to do more outside the studio by helping those in need. There are many on air jocks and talent but there is only one personality like Chico’s.
Away from the mic he is a young bachelor with no kids of his own but enjoys spending time with his nephews and nieces that make him proud as well as a little crazy. Spending time with friends is always a must, from a backyard bbq to watching football or UFC, nothing makes him happier than to be surrounded by great people. He also enjoys watching stand up comedy, performing at a few open mics, and serving as an emcee for local comedy shows.

Saturday Night Block Party

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